Brief description
The direct way to new bone
Today, bone replacement materials are used in dentistry, orthopedics and traumatology to treat bone defects caused by accidents or diseases.

Cerasorb®, a synthetic bone regeneration material is resorbed in the process of bone formation and, based on its chemical and biological properties, offers an alternative to spongiosa in physiological defect treatment. The use of Cerasorb® makes a second, stressful surgical procedure obsolete, and neither the complications that may occur during bone harvesting, nor the problem of rejection mechanisms or potential risks of infection or allergic reactions posed by materials of biologic origin need to be discussed during patient counseling.

The result of more than 30 years of material research and development
Research and development work on Cerasorb® began in the 1970s at the Batelle Institute in Frankfurt, Germany, and was consistently continued by curasan AG in the nineties. An optimal correlation of engineered and biological properties was the constant aim. Cerasorb® is a resorbable, fully synthetic, pure-phase β-tricalcium phosphate matrix with interconnecting porosity.

Meanwhile, Cerasorb® has developed into a product family that provides the dentist or surgeon with the right implant for every indication. All its different forms have been optimized in regard to their surface, porosity and resorption/degradation behavior.Safety
The use of this synthetic material excludes the potential immunological risks or risk of infections connected with materials of biological origin. Cerasorb® dissolves ph-neutrally and is completely resorbed while autologous bone is forming.

Our quality assurance subjects the synthesis of Cerasorb® to extensive internal and external chemical and mineralogical examinations. The material standard is defined by the internationally recognized norm ASTM F1088-04 (Standard Specification for ß-Tricalciumphosphate for Surgical Implantation). It demands a phase purity of more than 95%, which Cerasorb® surpasses having a phase purity of more than 99%.

Cerasorb® has successfully been used in more than 800.000 cases and has been documented and discussed in scientific literature* in several thousand cases.


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